Facebook Fellowship Award for Domestic and International Students, 2015

facebook2 Facebook is accepting applications for its 2015 Face book fellowship award for local and international students. The program is for full time PhD doctoral programs that are accredited and which focus on a subject or interest or field relevant to face book.


The program is open to local and international students for full time PhD doctoral courses. Face book plans to award about 12 academic fellowships. The duration of the fellowship award is for two years. The fellowship awards come with the following benefits:

A grant of $37000 will be given every year

A paid visit to present your research at Face book headquarters

During the academic years, tuition fees will be paid

A chance of paid internship

The award consist of three stages of selection

Stage one: Reviewers from each topical area will be given an application and they will be scored based on the following:

How strong are the applicant’s references

How strong is the applicant’s publication record as shown in the cv of the applicant

How good is the research proposal, its uniqueness and its importance to the chosen field

Applications with the highest score will move to stage 2

Stage two: Reviewers from each area will have discussions with the best applicants in their own area and comparism will be made between them and other applicants in other areas based on the criteria in stage one.

Stage three : All applicants that make the final round will be compared and reviewed


Candidates who are Nationals or legal residents of Countries in which the US has embargoed goods are not eligible unless students are registered fulltime at an accredited university in the US.

Face book may not be able to select a student from a Country that the US has imposed economic sanctions.

Candidates should note while applying they should adhere to the rules and laws of the jurisdiction in which the applicant is a National or legal resident


The fellowship awards are available in the following fields: Architecture , Data Mining, Databases, Distributed Systems, Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction & Social Computing, Economics and Computation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Networking & Operating Systems, Programming Languages & Compilers, Security & Privacy and Software Engineering.



Applications should be submitted to Face book online or Email a word or pdf file with the subject “Fellowship Program Application” to  facebookfellowship-at-fb.com with the following attached

Detailed CV

Two Reference letters showing applicant’s character and skills and why he or she deserves the award, with one of the letters coming from the applicant’s advisor in the current doctoral program.

Research proposal( see overview section for more information)

Research area which should show PhD research area of the applicant

Transcript which is optional

Click here to contact the scholarship provider for more information on how to apply


Deadline for application is January 5 2015

For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email enquiries@study-domain.com or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476



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