DFID Commonwealth Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries, 2015


Commonwealth scholarshipsApproximately 300 scholarships will be awarded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to students from developing countries wishing to pursue Master’s, PhD and split-site (PhD) degree program at UK Universities. This scholarship will cover expenses such as tuition and examination fees, air fare to and from the UK, initial arrival allowance, expenses of preparing a thesis or dissertation etc. The deadline for scholarship application is December 3rd 2014.

About scholarship

Each year, the CSC invites each nominating agency/university/university body to forward a specific number of nominations. Each nominating agency/university/university body is responsible for its own selection process, and in most cases they will set their own closing date, which will be before the CSC’s deadline for nominations (17 December 2014). Approximately 300 of these scholarships are awarded each year. The CSC invites around three times more nominations than scholarships available – therefore, nominated candidates are not guaranteed to get a scholarship. There are no quotas for scholarships for any individual country. Candidates nominated by national nominating agencies are in competition with those nominated by universities/university bodies, and the same standards will be applied to applications made through either channel.


  • Applicants should be Commonwealth citizens, refugees, or British protected persons.
  • Be permanent resident in a developing Commonwealth country (a full list is available at
  • Be available to commence their academic studies in the United Kingdom by the start of the UK academic year in September/October 2015
  • Hold, by October 2015, a first degree of upper second class Honours standard (or above); or a second class degree and a relevant postgraduate qualification, which will normally be a Master’s degree and
  • The Commission wishes to promote equal opportunity, gender equity and cultural exchange. Applications are encouraged from a diverse range of candidates.


Fields of study/research

Scholarship is provided for students to pursue courses offered in UK universities at Master’s, PhD and split-site (PhD) degree level.

What the scholarship covers

This scholarship will cover the following expenses:


  • Approved tuition and examination fees
  • Student concessionary or other approved airfare to the United Kingdom and return on expiry of the Scholarship (the cost of journeys made before final award confirmation will not normally be reimbursed, nor can fares be paid for a Scholar’s dependants)
  • A personal maintenance allowance at the rate of £977 per month (£1,208 per month for those studying at institutions in the London Metropolitan area) – rates quoted at 2014-2015 levels
  • A grant towards the expenses of preparing a thesis or dissertation, where applicable
  • An initial arrival allowance, including visa reimbursement where applicable
  • A grant for expenses for approved study travel within the United Kingdom or overseas
  • A contribution towards fieldwork costs for those Scholars undertaking doctoral studies for whom a case has been made for fieldwork outside the United Kingdom. This shall not normally exceed one economy class return airfare to the fieldwork location
  • A paid mid-term fare to their home country for Scholars on three year doctoral awards. Scholars for whom fieldwork fares are provided to their home country shall not be entitled to a mid-term fare home, nor Scholars who have claimed (or intend to claim) spouse or child allowances for more than 12 months during their award
  • For Scholars selected by the Commission for awards exceeding 18 months, a spouse allowance of £220 per month is payable provided that the Scholar and spouse are residing together at the same address in the United Kingdom. It is not paid when the spouse is also in receipt of an award. For Scholars accompanied by their spouse and children, a child allowance is payable at the rate of £138 per month for the first child, and £108 per month for the second and third child under the age of 16, provided they are residing with their parents. The Commission’s spouse and family allowances represent only a contribution towards the costs of family maintenance in the UK and Scholars should expect and be able to supplement these allowances to support family members who choose to come to the UK.
  • Irrespective of the length of the award, a Scholar who is widowed, divorced or a lone parent will receive an allowance in respect of the first accompanying child and child allowances for the second and third accompanying children.


How to apply

Please note that all applications must be made through your nominating agency (or university/university body, if applicable) in your home country. You must check with them in the first instance for specific advice on how to make an application and for their own closing date. The CSC cannot accept any applications direct from candidates for these scholarships. Click here to contact the scholarship provider for more information on how to apply.

Application deadline

The deadline for scholarship application is December 3rd 2014.






  1. hi
    i am a female cameroonian from the University of Buea awaiting graduation in Dec 2014 with a GPA of 3 and above.I study Political Science and Public Administration,and a minor in Management.i really want to pursue my Master’s and since my mum cannot afford it i wish to be well informed about scholarships.thank you

    1. Hi Tamen, yes you can apply for scholarships as you do not have enough resources to pursue your studies abroad. You will need a scholarship essay, click here to see samples, an application form which will be provided by the scholarship body, reference letters etc. Click here to search for scholarships, follow the instructions and apply.

  2. Thank you for this information. I can’t contact nominating agency in Nigeria. Both phone numbers switched off. I sent Email, they haven’t replied.
    what should I do? I can’t travel to their office in Abuja.

    1. Hi Dr Abia, you will need to create an application account on Federal Scholarship Board (Nominating agency in Nigeria) website, follow the instructions and forward your application to them. You don’t need to travel to Abuja to submit your application. Click here for more information.

  3. Thanks for ur valuable info, please when is the next dfidcommonwealth scholarship and do they come out in the same month every year? Thanks once more.

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