Cost of Studying and Living in Sweden, Switzerland and Italy

Many international students who cannot afford the high tuition and living cost in places like the the US, Canada and Australia are now studying in Europe where the tuition fees and living cost are low and affordable. In today’s post I will be talking about the cost of studying and living in three European countries, namely; Sweden, Switzerland and Italy.

Cost of study in Sweden

swedeIn Sweden, if you are an EU student, or you will be studying in Sweden on the basis of an exchange program, or you will be applying for doctoral studies, you will be exempted from paying tuition fees at public higher education institutions in Sweden. If you are applying to study at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels you will have to pay tuition fees which usually ranges from SEK 80,000-140,000 (€8,736 – €15,288) per academic year.

Cost of living in Sweden

The cost of living in Sweden is estimated at SEK 7000 to 8000 (€800 to €900) per month to cover expenses such as food accommodation, travels, books, etc. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Food: SEK 2,000 (€218)
  • Accommodation: SEK 3,500 (€382)
  • Local travel: SEK 560 (€61)
  • Telephone/internet: SEK 300 (€32)
  • Insurance, medical care and hygiene: SEK 300 (€32)
  • Hobby/leisure, miscellaneous: SEK 1000 (€109)
  • Total: SEK 7,660 (€836)

Cost of study in Switzerland

SwitzerlandIn Switzerland, international students with international secondary or higher education degree are asked to pay registration and tuition fees at public universities and colleges in Switzerland. In general, registration fees for international students range from €50 – 80. Tuition fees also ranges from €750 to €3000 per semester depending on the institution.

Cost of living in Switzerland

Cost of living in Switzerland is a bit high and similar to that of big European cities.. For an estimate, depending on the exact location of the stay and on the entity of personal demands, living in Switzerland entails a monthly expense comprised between CHF 1,500.- 2,500 (€1200 – €2000). This amount covers the cost of housing, health insurance, food, daily transportation, small daily expenses, and educational material.

Cost of study in Italy

ItalyThe average tuition fees for bachelor’s and master’s programs is to approximately €1500 per academic year. Sometimes, students are exempted from paying tuition fees depending on their financial situation and academic performance. So you will need to contact your university in Italy to learn whether you might qualify for tuition fee exemption.

Cost of living in Italy

The cost of living in Italy is put at €1000 to €1500. Tourist areas and the main cities, especially in the North of Italy are more expensive than smaller towns. This amount covers the cost of food, accommodation, books, for a period of one month. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Milk: €1.20 / Litre
  • Bread: €3.50 / Kilo
  • Butter: €1.70 / 250 gr.
  • Beef: €9.00 -19.00 / Kilo
  • Chicken: €8.00 – 10.00 /Kilo
  • Rice: €1.70 – 2.50 / Kilo
  • Pasta: €0.80 – 1.20 /Kilo
  • Mineral water:€ 0.50 – 0.80 /Litre
  • Cinema: €7.50
  • Fast food menu: €5.50
  • Train ticket Milan – Rome €38.00 (Intercity train), €47.00 (Eurostar train) / one way
  • Rome and Milan underground ticket: €1.00 (1 journey)



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