Cost of Study and Living in France, Russia and Switzerland

study in europe1If you do not have much money to study in places like the UK, Australia and US where the tuition fees are high, why not make up your mind to study in France, Russia or Switzerland. Tuition fees imposed by universities in these countries are quite low and affordable. Today’s post, will center on the cost of studying and living in these three European countries. So sit back and enjoy!!!!



Cost of studying in France

Public Universities

Tuition fees in French higher institutions are quite low and affordable. Tuition fees for First cycle degrees (bachelor’s programs) is 188 Euro per year. Engineering degrees have a tuition fee of 611 Euro per academic year, while medicine related studies have different tuition fees depending on the program. For example, the average tuition fees for doctor of medicine amount to 452 Euro per year.

Private Universities

The average tuition fees for private universities in France ranges from. EUR 1500 – 6000 per year. Business schools usually charge a tuition fee of 4500 to 7000 Euro per year.

Cost of living in France

The cost of living in France is budgeted at 500 to 800 Euro per month to cover the cost of accommodation, food, books, transportation etc.

Cost of studying in Russia

Universities in Russia are very affordable! Tuition fees range from  $2000 to $3000 for an academic year including the language training programme. Note that tuition fees may vary  from school to school. For instance, tuition fees for courses like medicine, engineering, design are usually very high and ranges from $2500-$4000 per academic year.

Cost of living in Russia

Cost of living in Russia for students is quite affordable. It’s estimated at $300 to $400 per month to cover the cost of food, accommodation, books etc.

Cost of studying in Switzerland

If you hold a foreign or international secondary or higher education degree, you will have to pay registration and tuition fees at public universities and colleges in Switzerland. In general, foreign students must pay registration fees of approximately 50 – 80 Euro. Tuition fees for foreign students range from 1000 to 6000 Euro per year depending on the school.

Cost of living in Switzerland

The cost of living in Switzerland echoes the country’s high standard of living. Residents appreciate admirable communications, transportation, excellence accommodation, and superior cultural and tourism offerings. Usually the cost of living depends on personal choice of entertaining activities.  Monthly average cost is EUR 1040 to EUR 1700.


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