Completely supported 2017/2018 MasterCard Foundation Scholarships at EARTH University for Africa, Latin America and Caribbean Students


Application Deadline: Submit applications at the latest 25th May 2017

Qualified Regions: Apply on the off chance that you hail from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean

Grant nation: Scholarships will be attempted at Earth University, Costa Rica

Acknowledged Courses: Courses offered at the college which are for the most part in Agricultural sciences and Natural assets administration

Grant Info: EARTH University in Costa Rica built up a seven-year partnership with the MasterCard Foundation to provide grants to youthful pioneers from impeded groups in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. By goodness of these grants, the Foundation will give 120 undergrad grants adding up to $19.5 million to EARTH understudies for a long time. Roughly 33% of the researchers will originate from Sub-Saharan Africa and the rest from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Grant Type: These undergrad grants are for African, Latin America and the Caribbean

Determination Criteria: Recipients of The MasterCard Foundation grants meet the greater part of EARTH’s choice criteria. As a component of the organization understanding, the college try to grant these grants to qualified hopefuls whose money related conditions would somehow keep them from going to college.

Qualification: The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program targets skilled yet fiscally distraught auxiliary and imminent college understudies from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean who are focused on offering back to their group in Africa.

Number of Scholarships: A sum of 120 grants will be granted inside 7 years

Estimation of Scholarship: All beneficiaries will get their full instruction at no cost; Full educational cost and different costs. Different advantages will include:

Leadership improvement

Extensive grants

Bolster for move to optional school, University or the workforce

Life aptitudes

Tutoring and guiding

Term: Scholarship is for the full four length of undergrad study.

The most effective method to Apply: The initial step to accepting a grant from this program is to apply to EARTH by May 25th. EARTH does not separate on the premise of age, race, ethnic starting point, religion, sexual orientation or nationality in its instruction and affirmations arrangement.

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