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How to Choose a Perfect Topic for Your Essay? – Tips & Tricks

A perfect topic to write an excellent essay. How to choose a winning topic? What to pay attention? Why some topics are good, and others are bad? Tips and tricks.

How to Choose a Winning Topic for Your Essay?

The topic is what matters for your work. If you select a wrong topic, you may come up with badly written essay. But if you manage to find a topic that is interesting for both you and the reader, then, most likely, you will write an article that is interesting to read, and that will bring you a good score.

How can I do my essay in a way to impress my reader? How can I write it in a way to get the best score? – these are the questions every student asks himself or herself at least once during the study-time. So, first of all, select the best topic.

The Topic Should Be Perfect

In most cases, your teacher will assign you an essay with a topic. In this case, you have nothing to worry about, just write about it. This topic is the one that is either interesting for your teacher or required by the curriculum. But what to do if the topic isn’t provided? Then, you have to figure out yourself what to write. Some practical advice will be useful to help you to select a topic that will lead you to a higher score.

Is the Topic Interesting to You?

When you encounter a topic that sounds interesting, try to start writing on it. Do you feel enthusiasm? Do the sentences flow? Don’t you have to stress up to write a new passage? All in all, if you are enjoying the writing process, then it may be the best topic for you.

Do You Know the Topic?

Don’t try to pick up something global. You are writing a short essay, not a massive research project. Concentrate on something more exact. Moreover, you had better select a topic about a common field, something which you feel comfortable and confident. Then, you will be enjoying writing, and your essay will be written in a more informed way.

Is Your Topic Manageable Within an Essay?

You have selected the topic. Now, it is time to ask yourself, if you can handle it in your essay. Usually, the very first idea is always too big. Refine it. Narrow it to a particular application field or a specific issue, or a particular direction. For example, writing about a famous author is instead a topic for a dissertation, while writing about, for example, a strong character described by the author may be already an excellent topic for an essay.

Approach Your Topic in an Original Way

A right approach will make the essay interesting.  How can you discuss the topic? What exactly are you going to explain? Are you going to write about football? Come on; you will have to write hundreds of pages then. In an essay, you can write about a famous football player or football’s development. Why not describe some significant development period? Make sure you select the period that is in one or another way distinguishable from others.

Research Your Topic

Make sure you have enough materials for writing it. What can you write if you have just 1-2 pages of research results? But don’t try to embrace all the materials available. In some cases, you would need your entire life to read them. Select 1-2 sources that are:

        Not too long;

        Reliable, preferably official publications;

        Written in a language that you understand;

        Have enough materials to discuss the topic of your essay.

Brainstorming Is Helpful

You don’t need to gather all your friends for that. When you are researching the topic, make sure you write down all the ideas that come during the process. Write down everything that comes to your mind when you are reading the thoughts. Keep doing it as long as you need, till you feel that it is enough, and you have a good set of ideas. Then, select those that you are going to use in your paper.

I Don’t Have Any Ideas!


Still, there is a solution. Just look for lists of exciting topics on the internet. Select several which you would and could write something about. Then, narrow the list to one topic. To do so, you may start writing about two or three of them, and see in which case the writing process goes smoother. Now, you have all the information based on which you can select the best topic for your essay.

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