Brainstorming: 7 Essential Steps

BrainstormingTo create essay topic, plot and quality content of your story, we need to take some time to ponder about its purpose and idea. Here are some useful tips for brainstorming procedure. So, if you decide to engage in some complex work, as for example writing an essay, then, you can’t do without brainstorming. This activity helps to think carefully and analyze the basic ideas and your story plot. And here are some useful tips for the brainstorming session’s procedure.

  • Define the content of your essay and the basic rules for its presentation. If you work with colleagues, record their ideas and suggestions, accept all of them. Respect others and their ideas. Remember that besides an idea, your content should take into account the following parameters: topic, format and readers.
  • Depends on whether you work with other brainstormers or alone, set a time limit for your brainstorming – it can be half an hour, fifteen minutes or even five minutes periods. (Longer spaces will probably produce diminishing returns.) During brainstorming you are also able to study some material to get a confirmation for your arguments.
  • Beforehand, collect all the necessary information for analysis. Go to the library or look in the educational database, the Internet. Create a mind map to discuss the data mentioned.
  • Don’t go into details about any item, because it will be the next stage task – when writing an essay. To begin, we need to collect as many ideas as possible and discuss them.
  • Moreover, when people come up with ideas, they often begin to evaluate it: is it good or not, and why it does not fit, or why the audience won’t appreciate it. If you start to evaluate ideas too early, it will only hurt the whole process of brainstorming. Just create and invent, with no assessment of what comes out.
  • Don’t stop your brainstorming session until the time is up. At the same time you need work fast. When you need fresh ideas – to think fast is often the best way.
  • The number is significant. The secret to achieve the best idea is not to try to come up with one best idea!

Treat yourself with a large range of ideas. You can choose the best idea after. Set yourself or your team the task to come up with 100 ideas in 20 minutes! It sounds complicated, but you’ll quickly realize that in fact it can be easily implemented!

At the end of your brainstorming session, organize the list consistently or by headings. Then discuss the dignities of the list items and reduce the list to a manageable number of items.

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