Best Free Tuition Universities in Europe

tuition freeThe cost of higher education has risen over the last decade. This trend has made it difficult for students from less developed countries and poor families to afford the cost of higher learning in international institutions. However, things have since changed with the introduction of scholarships and funding by the states. In Europe, both local and international students can enjoy university education at little or no tuition fee. International students especially those from less developed countries may only be required to meet the cost of accommodation, food and contributions towards student unions.

Top free tuition universities per country:


  1. Tuition free Universities in Finland.
    Aalto, Abo Akademi, Hanken School of Economics and Lappeenranta University of Technology are among the top universities of higher learning in Finland. With exceptions, regular students enrolled for degree courses pay no tuition fees. Non EU students taking Bachelor`s and doctoral programs do not pay any tuition fees. Students may be required to meet the cost of accommodation, writing materials, and other living expenses. Although living expenses change with time, it is estimated at slightly over 700 Euros.
  2. Top Tuition free Universities in Austria.
    The case is slightly different for non EU students in Austrian Universities. As at 2013, Universities charged non EU students about 726.72 Euros for tuition and an additional 17.50 Euros contribution towards student union and insurance every semester. However, students from less developed countries are exempted from payment of tuition fees.
  3. Tuition free Universities in Norway.
    International students in Norwegian universities are exempted from payment of tuition fees. All students are only required to pay a semester fee of about $100 every semester. Some state universities may charge an additional fee for specialized education programs. Norwegian universities are the more affordable compared to other universities in Europe. However, the cost of living in Norway is high. A single student requires at least $15000 every year. Some of these top universities include; Norwegian University of Life sciences (NMBU) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
  4. Tuition free Universities in Germany.
    German universities had a long history of not charging tuition fees for undergraduate studies until 2005 when a constitutional court reinstated the payment of tuition fees. Most public universities now charge tuition fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Tuition fees may vary from one university to another although most charge at least 500 euros for undergraduate students per semester. Scholarships are also available for students pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate studies. A university student in Germany requires not less than 800 euros for living and miscellaneous expenses. Dresden International University is one of the leading universities in Europe.
  5. Tuition Free universities in Sweden.
    Swedish universities did not charge any type of fee until the year 2010 when the national assembly passed a bill that mandated public universities to charge tuition and other fees on non EU students. These tuition fees apply only to Bachelors and masters programs.


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