Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students, 2015

Applications are been accepted for Beijing government scholarships from international students who are interested in courses offered in Chinese colleges and universities in the Beijing area.


The scholarship is financed by the Beijing government and was created to assist international students applying or studying in Beijing with tuition fees, either completely or part of it. Scholarship is available for bachelor, mater’s doctoral degree, senior training or long-term language courses.

The duration for each of the programs is bachelor’s 4-5 years, masters 2-3 years and doctoral degrees 3 years. The duration for Chinese language training is about a year.

The scholarship covers tuition fees only, which depends on the status of the applicant. The payment for scholarship is in the following categories

10,000 RMB per year for senior training or long-term language program

40,000 RMB per year for a Doctoral degree

20,000 RMB per year for a Bachelor degree

30,000 RMB per year for a Masters degree

5,000 RMB per year for Exchange students or students who have made immense contributions to international education in Beijing.


Scholarships are awarded for courses in Chinese universities and colleges in Beijing area.


Should not be a Chinese National

Must be in good health

Applicants interested in undergraduate studies, should have finished their senior high school with good results and not more than 30 years old

Applicants interested in masters studies should have a bachelor’s degree and not more than 35 years old

Applicants interested in doctoral studies should have a masters degree and not more than 40 years old

Applicants interested in long term language studies should have high school diploma and not more than 60 years old

Visiting scholar applicants should have a masters or higher degree or have academic titles such as an associate professor or more and not more than 50 years old

Language fluency

Applicants who are been supported by other Chinese government scholarship programs will not be eligible for the scholarship




Applicants can register online with the Beijing Education Commission and submit documents to the Chinese government responsible for sending international students to China or Chinese embassy, diplomatic mission or relevant offices in the applicant’s home country.

Documents to be submitted should include

Notarized transcript copies

Applicants who tend to study for more than six months should provide a copy of foreigner physical exam form

Degree applicants should submit a study or research plan not more than 400 or 800 words respectively

Applicants not more than 18 should submit documents of their legal guardians in China

Applicants for music and fine arts should submit their personal works

NOTE: applicants should apply for a visa, students who will stay for more 6 months should apply for X visa while those staying less than 6 months should apply for F visa.

Click here to contact the scholarship provider for more information on how to apply


Application deadline is before the end of February 2015

For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476

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