Application Times and Deadlines for Study in Netherlands, France, Finland and Sweden

Deadlines2There are students who fail to gain admission to their chosen universities not because they do not have the required qualifications or results but because they send in their applications late, after the deadline for submission making the universities not to offer them admission.

It is important for students to take their time in filling the forms correctly when applying but also to be aware of the deadline for applications of their chosen universities and submit before the deadline expires.

This write up will take a look at some countries in Europe like Finland, Sweden, France and the Netherlands featuring their application procedure and deadlines.


Admission into universities in Finland begins around November and depending on the course to be studied continues till around February-April. Students should check their chosen university’s website for accurate admission procedure and deadline. For those interested, admission into polytechnics begins about six months before the commencement of the courses. For example courses that will begin in the autumn could have their deadline in February.


Swedish universities have different application times for courses taught in English, they include:

Middle of January: International students are encouraged to apply in January for courses that will start in the fall semester.

Middle of August: International students are encouraged to apply for courses that will begin in spring semester

Middle of October: For students who are not from European countries, it will be better if they do not apply in October because their residence permit may not be ready. Studies starts in the spring semester.



The academic year in France begins on October 1st and ends June 30th. First semester starts at the beginning of October till the end of January and second semester starts at beginning of February till the end of May. For those interested in studying in France, they will need to submit their application in January.


Application deadline in Netherlands differs and depends on the course to be studied. Students need to apply months ahead before the commencement of the academic semester. For example early September is when the winter semester starts and in February, summer semester starts, therefore students will have to submit their applications on time.

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