Application Times and Deadlines for Study in Most European Countries

DeadlinesThis article will take a look at an important aspect of the application process which is the right time to submit your application. A lot of applications are rejected because they come after the deadline for submission.

In this article we will be providing the application times and deadlines for admission and study in some European countries, they include Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Sweden.




Deadline for application may be different among universities but generally, there are two periods

JANUARY: submit your application before January 15 for programs that will start in the summer semester that include

March-August for universities of applied science

April-September for universities

JULY: submit your application before July 15 for programs that will start in the winter semester that include

September-February for universities of applied science

October-March for universities



Normally there are two periods, they include

SEPTEMBER 1: applications should be submitted before September 1 for programs in the winter semester

FEBRUARY: for programs in the summer semester



Most programs in Norway usually have one application deadline which applications should be submitted before March 1st for programs in September, Nordic students could submit before April 15th. For those who for various factors cannot submit before March 1st will be given an opportunity to submit by July 1st. Contact your chosen school for more in formation.




For courses taught in English, applications are done about six months before the start of the program. All relevant documents must be submitted before the deadline.


Application period begins around November to February and sometimes in April depending on the program. Applicants should with the school for the exact deadline.



For courses taught in English, applications are done in the following dates:

MIDDLE OF JANUARY: for programs for fall semester includes international students

MIDDLE OF AUGUST: for studies in spring semester

MIDDLE OF OCTOBER: for studies in spring semester, non EU students should apply during this period because they may not receive their residential permit on time



In France the academic year begins October 1st and ends June 30th and is in two parts

First semester: October-January

Second semester: February-may

Start your application in January



Generally deadlines differ among study programs or courses. Applications should be done months ahead before the start of the program. Winter semester starts in September and summer semester in February

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