All You Need To Know About The History of Special Education

In this modern age, Special Education is gaining a lot of popularity and recognition amid people across the world. The main reason is that we can find a lot of people in almost every country around the world that need special education in order to accomplish their education needs. Education is very important for everyone whether they are physically or mentally disordered or not. Hence, the idea of special education is great because it helps people who need special care in their education. Special education offers classes, teaching and training planned for students with special educational needs.

What Is Special Education?

Do you know what Special Education is? In general, Special Education is a type of learning offered to students with additional needs. Special Education is a blessing to students with mental challenges and learning disabilities. It is an education or teaching method designed for students who require additional assistance with their studies. Special Education focuses on instruction that is intended to satisfy the requirements of students with disabilities and it helps students with disabilities to learn very similar skills and information as other students. Special Education is a term that denotes special needs, and it also involves education for people with special needs.

The Viewpoint of Special Education

A lot of people have doubts on the idea of special education. They consider that it is a poor notion but their thinking is not right because it is essential for people who need special attention in their education. The general idea behind special education is that all people should get an education, and get a chance to learn whether they are disabled or not. Students with disabilities may not be able to study well if they participate in the same education that other students obtain. So, it is always a good idea to send students to a place where they get full integration and participation in education. Here comes the importance of special education.

In general, the disabilities can be physical, emotional, and behavioral. Some of the general special needs comprise physical disabilities, learning disabilities, children with multiple disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, communication disorders  and developmental disabilities. Students with disabilities or students who need special attention in their learning are expected to profit from extra educational services. Special education is used to present students with disabilities extra educational services including the use of technology, dissimilar approaches to teaching, an explicitly modified teaching space and many more. In special education settings, the educators has to change teaching techniques and environment to meet the students’ special needs.

People with disabilities can make sure that they will acquire equal chance and access to good quality education through Special Education. They can find excellence in education, employment, and everyday lives if they can get access to special education from early days onwards. Special education deals with ones individual differences and needs when it comes to education. The procedure of Special Education takes account of the individually designed and thoroughly checked understanding of teaching practices, modified tools and materials, and learning settings.

History of Special Education

In this modern age, it is possible for students with disabilities to pursue education and accomplish their educational needs. In the past, it was not possible for students with special needs to attend school or college just because of their disabilities. The law and educational institutions were against their desire to have an education in the past. However, laws have been passed in almost all the countries of the world that permit students with special needs to pursue an education and attain new heights in their life. Parents of students with a disability including learning and other disabilities must be familiar with their child’s disabilities. It will help them to give an education that their kids want.

It is important for people to understand the history of Special Education and here is a look at it:

Students with disabilities are permitted to go to schools and colleges. The law was passed in 1975 and thereafter, it became a law that allows students with disabilities to attend school or college. Students with disabilities were allowed to go to school with the Education of all Handicapped Children Act (EHA) of 1975. It is considered as the first law that was passed to defend the educational rights of students with disabilities.

The Education of all Handicapped Children Act law later made improvement and it came to be known as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). With the IDEA, new provisions have been added, although on the whole, the idea of the law remains very similar. EHA and IDEA have assured educational rights to all students who need special attention across the world. Schools have no chance to reject to teach a student because of his disability.

It is crucial for parents of students with disabilities and students with disabilities to understand what disabilities are under IDEA. Under IDEA, there are some types of disabilities that decides if a student is qualified to get the benefits offered by the law including autism, deaf-blindness, intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment, orthopedic impairment, deafness, emotional disturbance, hearing impairment, specific learning disability, speech or language impairment, multiple disabilities and other health impairments.

Another law that protects students with disabilities is No Child Left Behind (NCLB). NCLB ensures that all the students regardless of their disabilities gain the education that they wish to pursue. The laws and the changing perceptive of school managements modified the structure and purpose of special education services. The laws proclaimed that students with disabilities should gain access to the basic education program of study in the usual classroom and also to the utmost extent possible like any other student.

One of the advantages of the laws that backed up students who need special care in education is that they stressed best academic results for students with disabilities. The acts could raise expectations for students, support students who pursue the common curriculum, support parents of students with disabilities in their pursuit to give their kids sufficient education to triumph over their disabilities, and assist schools find out fitting outcomes.

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