All You Need to Know About Studying in Russia

study in RussiaInternational students agree that studying in Russia is an excellent decision; more and more students are applying due to referrals to study in Russia, its cost benefits and very affordable life outside of the education costs. The benefit of affordable education has plenty of advantages as international students from different backgrounds can get to study and chase their dreams and aspirations without needing to worry about its cost implications to their families.

Studying in Russia provides students with opportunities to experience a mixed works of Asian and European culture, another advantage besides cost.This is a very good alternative if you’re looking to study in good institutions outside of countries like USA, U.K, Canada and the likes where tuition and cost of living is very high.


Tuition rates in Russia are very cheap! Depending on program of study tuition rates are very cheap in Russia.Students enrolling for studies in engineering, design , medicine and sciences should budget between $2000 and $5500 per academic session, while non-science students pay fees ranging from $1000 – $2500 per academic year. Students should take note that varsity charges are different from one university to the other.


Food is in abundant in Russia and very cheap. Prepare a budget to have a meal plan which ever accommodation you intend to choose.With $140 – $180 per month you can have a very healthy meal plan for yourself. Varieties of food are provided in the school canteen and as in international student you can choose from different choice of meals and get to prepare your meal yourself if this option suits you.


If you plan to choose Russia as your destination choice for post-secondary studies congratulations; make sure besides tuition you have a budget for accommodation .As an international student you can get to choose to stay on and off campus. Accommodation rates averages around $200 monthly for on campus living.Off campus cost around $300 – $450.


Transportation to and from campus is very cheap for students that wish to leave off campus,you have no problem and can different means to get to the campus in a timely fashion.


Safety in Russia depends on the company you keep and where you stay,but it’s not unsafe,in general crime is not a problem in Russia than it is in other parts of Europe.The government puts measures in place so students can live freely and not be racially abused.Campus living also provides care and protection to international students.

If you choose to stay in Russia ensure to follow the safety rules such as staying away from wrong associations and roaming around at nights,walk with your fellow students and you will be fine.


Both Russian and international students are provided access to very cheap internet and phone services,so you plan to keep in touch with your families and friends at home using any other social media services with the readily available fast and cheap internet and phone services provided both on and off campus.

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