Apply to ALU: Full Scholarship, Free Tuition and Admission Process

ALU 1Do you want to study on full scholarship in the beautiful island of Mauritius? The ALU is a world class university offering undergraduate programs to students from all over Africa and other continents. It is on record the first university in Africa to offer full scholarship to admitted students this year. As an ALU student, you will spend 4 months every year interning for a top tier company such as Shell, Mobil, Coca Cola, IBM, Nestle etc.

Why ALU is different from other Universities

95% of universities only focus on teaching theoretical lessons to students; they fail to impart skills students will need in the work place. Is it any surprising that 45% of graduates from Africa are unemployed? Is it surprising that many companies term university graduates ‘’unemployable”? But ALU is different; apart from teaching students theoretical lessons, they also teach students skills of how to start an organization and how to get a job.On campus, you will learn communications and problem solving skills that will help you thrive in the working world . You will learn the hard skills of how to create jobs. You will receive constant feedback from external mentors, faculty and students on your strengths and weaknesses. This means you will come out the ALU with the skills to change  Africa.

*Exposure to a rich network of friendsALU 2

At ALU, you will meet and interact with students from the different African countries; you will meet students from South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, to mention but a few. You will build lasting relationships with these friends; they will enrich your life. Your perspective and ideas on African issues will change for the better.

*No Student is Left Behind

In Universities today, teachers only find out you are struggling with a concept after you’ve failed a major test or exams. But in ALU, that doesn’t happen, the high level technology platform gives students immediate feedback (on a daily basis) on what they are learning and what they are struggling with. This not only allows you to know where to focus or where to ask for help, but it also shows our faculty members which students need the most help so they can quickly intervene and help that student to succeed.

* Employment Opportunities after Graduationalu 3

Through ALU strong partnerships with top companies in Africa, students are assured of an internship every four months of a year to help students gain the experience needed to succeed in their jobs. After graduation, you will go on to work for these organizations.

By the time you graduate, you will have one year of experience working in a leading country. This will make you a highly competitive candidate in the job market.
 Infact,the first class will be fully sponsored by ALU corporate partners!

 Application Deadline

Early Application Deadline: 7th December.

Regular Decision Deadline: 31st March.

How to Apply alu 5

Click here to apply online.

 For more information,please contact ALU Youth Admission Representative Ukeme Jonah via email; or phone number;+2348063670247.


For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476




    1. Hi Rahayi, the university offers full scholarship and is based on merit. I will advice that you apply and if your application is strong, you will surely be considered for a scholarship.

  1. I would love to join ALU but I’m still in my last year of high school, is it possible that I can apply now when results are not yet out?

    1. Yes you can apply but you will have to bring your school reports after being admitted but the better is to finish your studies so that you can provide them a completed fully application form and your documents but you can still apply online. Good luck .

  2. How does one apply for scholarship for the 2016 admission as I did not see anything about scholarship in the application process. Is there no more scholarship after the first set of admission?

  3. would like to know which country is the school located and what language of instruction is being used, also i would like to know when can one apply for 2017 program and when is class starting.

  4. Is it those applying for Africa leadership academy or those applying for African leadership university that will be given scholarship or even both institution.

  5. so am undergraduate of 2016 I studied mathematics and economy even geography . I would like to empower my leadership through study in Africa leadership University. as well as to achieve what I planed in my destiny. so thank you you. if you could want more information according to me you or or gain opportunity to be selection you may use my email or my phone number:0787552692 to talk to me about myself or informing me about ALU

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