Advantages of e-learning and transformation of MBA from Class-learning to E-learning

Technology has bought a revolution in the world. From business to social activities to learning, technology has made things much easier and how! Nowadays, education has become very important, but some people do not have the time to go to college or attend classes.

Some students find college education very expensive and hence have to hold back their academic career.While for some students higher education is inaccessible because of some physical illness or health related problems. Many students start off with their career just after their graduation and therefore cannot go for higher education because they cannot attend regular classes. Attending regular college has now become cumbersome, and besides most teachers cannot handle too many students at once.

E-learning has now become an excellent tool for accessible education at affordable prices and convenient time. The students do not have to visit college on regular basis, rather they can learn as per their convenience. It is a boon for those who wish to study further but do not have the time and resources to join a proper college. Ever since classroom training has become cumbersome and super expensive, e-learning is being chosen as the best alternative.







In order to incorporate e-learning in one’s everyday life, the students need to devote proper time to the course he or she is continuing with. The advantage here is that they will be able to study as per their convenience and give more time to their studies whenever required. In normal classroom education, it so happens that the student has to attend classes irrespective of their convenience and choices. This can be really discomforting at times because, sometimes the classes take a toll on the other things of life which also need attention.

Nowadays e-learning is available for students all over the globe. Those who have crossed the age of attending college for higher education can also give shape to their dream of achieving a higher degree by means of e-learning, which gives an opportunity of getting a new degree to those who are not applicable for college admission because of their age.



Some real advantages of e-learning are shortlisted below:

  • Learning made available anytime and anywhere: You do not have to attend colleges on a regular basis, so how do you attend classes? Your laptop is your classroom and your book. You can easily learn with the help of your computer and an internet connection. Easy access of books, references, question and answers along with explanations, online tutors etc are available with the help of e-learning.


  • Online courses are available at affordable rates: While most universities charge a whopping amount for each of the courses they offer. E-learning courses are much more affordable in terms of fees, plus it reduces commutation expenses as well.



  • Up to-date education: Since the learning products are web-based, they can easily be updated. This way the learners can easily incorporate the updated syllabus in their courses and be at par with the latest piece of learning material in their course.


  • 24X7 availability of learning material: This helps student access information at any time of the day. They can learn at their own pace and study as per their convenient timing.



  • Distance education makes students critical thinkers: The unavailability of classrooms and teachers help the students in thinking more and solve problems for themselves. Many students try even form groups and study together. This teamwork helps the students work better; their interactive works bring out the best in them.


  • The coursed is less intimidating: Instructor-led is course sometimes very scary, the intimidating nature of teachers can be a negative point for students. Students are scared for the fear of failure and hence do not try out new things and do not push the envelope to find their latent capabilities. Without the overpowering structure of the instructor students can independently tryout newer things and in case of failure can try again.


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Transformation of MBA from Class-learning to E-learning

An MBA degree is a very prestigious degree and those who have completed their MBA are offered the best of the jobs. MBA colleges all over the world charge a very high fee, for a two year MBA course. It becomes very difficult for students belonging to humble backgrounds to afford such expensive courses. Many students give up on their dream because they cannot afford the course fee.

MBA courses can very well be done by means of distance education. There are many advantages of doing an MBA course online. Some of them are listed below:

No strict guidelines: An MBA course needs a lot of time, and if the time is flexible then the student can reach newer heights in their academic career. Since the course has no strict guidelines, students feel free to study as per their convenience. This helps them in studying in the best time possible without any pressure.

Students can study at office hours: most students opting for an MBA course often already have a job. While learning from a proper college can be difficult for these students, studying for a distance course can give them ample time to study after office hours. Those who wish to study more can even carry their course books to their office.

There are no hassles of carrying books everywhere: the students who study online can form their notes on the computer, and save it there. So the notes are safely stored in the laptop from where they can be easily read and studied.

Age no bar: Those who could not pursue higher education earlier can complete their course now. There was never a better time to study MBA! No matter what age group you belong to, you can easily enroll yourself for any of the online courses. You can even do two courses simultaneously if you have the time.









So now you know the benefits of doing an online course. What are you waiting for? Go online and find a suitable course for yourself and upgrade your CV.

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