7 Tips to Make a Good Impression On a New Job


Tune your work reputation from day one with these tips to make a good impression on your new job


The first months in a new job are crucial to determine your reputation in the business . The actions you develop and the reactions you manifest will be minutely observed by your peers and especially by the bosses. Maintain an appropriate profile for each of your work is extremely important for your career, because it depends on your promotion or job references for a vacant position in another company. So you watch your reputation from day one , we give you the best advice CIO enterprise portal, which will achieve a good impression on your new job .

1. Go prepared

Find out everything at your fingertips on the Internet or through contacts on the place assigned to you, learn about the corporate culture of the site for which you will work and think how your role there could affect the development of the company in small and large scale. Make sure you know the rules perfectly, besides learning you its mission and vision . All these actions must perform before attending the first day to feel more comfortable in the new environment and show that you are in tune with the rest.
2. Get along with your classmates

Connect with other people working with you from the first moment to express your willingness to establish good relations . It participate in informal discussions will help to penetrate the circle if you show the right way and offer some moderate details of your personal life , such as where you live, with whom, where you study and other aspects that are willing to share not overdo information. Formulates some questions your classmates to express your interest in them.
3. Learn about team functions

In a small company you can quickly learn the role of each , but a larger company will take time. Even though not memorize the function of each person who works with you, it is important to know how different departments are complementary and what is the main task of each to think your job as a network that can draw on their crosses. It is essential that contextualizes your place in a larger structure and you are informed about the people can resort to solve different types of problems.
4. Work the trust of others

You will go through a time of sacrifice before getting the confidence of your colleagues and fundamentally your bosses. You ‘ll have to arrive a few minutes before, stay until after hours and shorten your breaks for meals during the first month. Work extra hours at the beginning is key to finally understand your role , while denoting willingness to learn. Assume an extremely accomplished attitude can gamble against , so that overtime or other actions that you develop to fit into your new job must be measured.
5. Display your credibility

Assumes the relevant responsibilities for team work and add yourself a few in which you can make highlights and solid contributions. Your colleagues will be grateful for the arrangement, trusting in your actions. Avoid taking on commitments that you can not fulfill, or charge a part of the team with extra tasks because you want to try alternatives or experience a project side that was not discussed among all. Find ways to be productive throughout the workday, setting small goals or collaborating with colleagues to develop useful tasks.
6. Request an initial evaluation

When you have spent enough to make you feel comfortable with your role and the environment time, ask your employers or bosses to evaluate your performance to see if you’re on track. Pay special attention to those actions that require adjustments, but also to the indications that you are acting as expected or better , for example, if you receive a compliment for a particular aspect of your work. Between three weeks and a month is a good time to apply for evaluation, because not yet reaped bad habits for corporate culture that can be sown without knowing it .
7. Control your ambition

To participate in the conversations, to contribute to projects, to intervene in discussions or to offer recommendations are duties that you will write in your agenda, as long as you do not exceed. Be ambitious in your new job is good because it shows your willingness to improve yourself and expand the company’s projections , but remember that a new employee will never understand policies and business processes so fast as to render an opinion constantly. You could achieve the opposite effect and hamper productivity, so limit yourself to make the right interventions at the right times.

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