6 Benefits of Using PDF in Your Business

PDF, Portable Document Format, is used by millions of people all around the globe every day. Developed in the early nineties, PDF technology was developed to lock the document format of shared data and prevent altering of the original documents. With PDF, there is no way that original documents may be compromised, or edited to include exogenous data.

PDF technology has grown to become one of the most widely used document formats in the world. PDF’s have a multitude of business applications. From invoicing to maintaining client files, and sending important directives or memos, PDF’s are an indispensable part of business communications and operations. With a PDF, you can be sure that your document will be viewed by the party as it was intended, without altercation.

Here are six amazing benefits of PDF’s for business and how they have revolutionized business practices.

#1 Maintain Document Integrity

When you create a document in excel or word, the document is easily edited by anyone that has access to the program. By using a PDF generator, such as soda PDF OCR, you ensure that your document remains unchanged and unedited, securing the integrity of the document as it is passed through different hands. The format is locked and a lot more presentable than word documents, which may lose their structure as they are downloaded or opened on different operating systems.

#2 A Level Playing Field

PDF’s are instantly recognizable to anyone, their file type is easily opened and the preferred safe choice to send out communications and business information with. People will not open bare, unprotected word documents for fear of virus or malware [protection. However, PDF is widely trusted and considered to be an unfathomable document format that cannot be manipulated.

#3 Small File Size

PDF format files are small in size and do not take up much space on hard drives of servers. PDFs compress high-quality data into a small size document. With the ever-evolving tech world and more communications being sent electronically every day, space has become an issue. Using PDF files will save your business valuable storage space.

#4 Protect your PDF with a password

Does your company handle sensitive data that needs to be handled securely? PDF files can be password protected if necessary, allowing you to take advantage of this layer of protection to ensure safe, uncompromised delivery of your document to the intended recipient and no-one else. This function is incredibly useful for legal and financial firms that handle important client data that cannot be viewed by any other third party.

#5 Open PDF’s on any operating system

PDF’s have the benefit of working on any operating system. PC or Apple, Android or iOS, PDF works with all of them, providing the seamless opening of documents on any laptop, PC or mobile device. You don’t ever have to be concerned that the party will not be able to open the document.

#6 Retain your layout

One of the most frustrating experiences for anyone that has spent time compiling, formatting and editing a document, is when it shows up at the recipient in a totally rearranged format that spoils the visual component and readability of the data. This jumbling of the data occurs during sending of the document and opening it on a different system. With PDF, you document arrives exactly as you sent it. With PDF’s you can add images, hyperlinks and other non-text elements that open in the recipient’s web browser on a PC, laptop, or mobile device.

Wrapping up

PDF technology has changed the way information is captured and shared. Documents can be created easily, stored for further use. PDF’s combined with OCR technology have revolutionized the way documents are processed and stored, eliminating any need for onsite filing and physical document storage. Speak to an OCR consultant about a customizable solution for your business and join the ranks of businesses that are operating in the information age.

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