5 Horrible Mistakes to Avoid While Studying Abroad

mistakesStudying abroad is a big challenge in a student’s life. It is most likely the first opportunity most students have to travel the world on their own. Studying abroad represents a great opportunity to experience different cultures and lifestyles, learn new languages and make new friends, etc. It gives you a chance to level up your rational awareness and also provides you with a training ground to become a polished citizen of the world.

For most students, studying abroad is a dream because it is the single most memorable thing that they will ever do in their life. However, for some students the experience is not so pleasant due to some horrible mistakes that they make during their stay.

Even though these mistakes are very common, they are avoidable at the same time. Following are the mistakes that some students make when they go abroad.


1)      Not Making a Budget Plan

The first thing to do before travelling abroad for study is to make a budget plan. What will be the monthly rent of your room? How much will you require for your daily transport? What will be the average expense of your daily meal? Is there anything else you might need? These are the things that should be highlighted and discussed. You don’t want to be broke in the middle of the semester while being very far away from your home.


2)    Not Learning the Language

This is the most common mistake students make when they go abroad. Most students just assume that there will be people speaking their language. Believe me if you don’t learn just the basics of the language of the host country you will eventually get lost, and you really don’t want to be that person while you have just arrived. You don’t have to be fluent, just try to say Hi, Hello or learn to ask for directions. This will surely help you, and the citizens of the host country will appreciate if you speak to them in their language.


3)    Not Immersing Yourself in the Culture

Make a conscious effort to immerse yourself every day in their culture. Hanging out with students from your home country is fun, but it won’t help you understand the culture of the host country. The best thing to do is to meet the locals and find out where they go for fun. What type of food they eat? What kind of festivals they celebrate? What kind of activities they perform in free time? You will definitely have a more immersive experience by bonding with the locals.

4)    Travelling

Travelling is fun – It gives you an insight into the specifics of a country. It provides you with an opportunity to learn about their history, culture and languages. However, travelling every other city and ignoring to explore the host city is also one of the mistakes students make. There is a chance that you might be missing some greater sightings in your host city. Make a list of places to visit, pick the things you really want to see, and you will definitely have a more memorable experience.

5)    Partying Every Night

Man is a social animal. He likes to party and have a lot of fun. However, that doesn’t mean that you can take everything for granted. Partying hard, getting drunk, being in hangover due to excessive drinking and getting into trouble are some of the things that you must stay away from when you are abroad for study. Such things will certainly ruin your good reputation and trust me they definitely won’t make you look cool at all. Don’t embarrass your homeland by being out of control.

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