2016/2017 MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Ashesi University, Ghana


Master Card foundation scholarshipAshesi University College, Accra Ghana has been able to enlarge its existing scholarship programme through a $13 million partnership with The MasterCard Foundation in Canada. Ashesi will be awarding significant financial support to both qualified Ghanaian and international undergraduate students who require such support.

Scholarships are granted to students from middle income and low income and families. Any family that cannot meet the expense of the full fees should complete a financial aid application form and turn it in with their admissions application.

Admission into Ashesi is a very selective process which is based in part on the assessment of information presented during the application process. The Scholarship Committee will decide the amount of your award on the principle demonstrated and the potency of your application.

The selection process begins by determining who should be given an offer of admission based on the general profile of the applicant. It is important to note that applicants are measured on the foundation of documented financial need and upon a detailed assessment by the Ashesi Scholarship Committee of all information assembled during the admissions process for each candidate.
Citizens of all countries including any African country are eligible to apply.

Field Of Study

Field of study covers all Undergraduate Bachelors level courses of study offered at Ashesi
What Scholarship Covers

This scholarship covers the full tuition, housing in Ashesi’s residence halls, a free laptop, meals on campus, spending money and annual trips home for international students after the second year.

Approximately half of the scholarships funded by The MasterCard Foundation will be awarded to non-Ghanaian indigenes.

No limit is placed to the number of students who can apply. Ashesi began an ardent international recruitment initiative to boost the number of non-Ghanaians attending the university to between 30%-50% by 2020. In 2014, international students made up 10% of the student population.

Duration of Sponsorship

A scholar can expect his/her scholarship to be renewed yearly as long as you and your family can continue to express financial need. The Scholarship Committee meets annually to assess the financial status of each scholar’s family. You may be asked to submit updated bank statements, pay slips and other supporting documents to establish your family’s low financial standing.
How to Apply

Applicants can download financial aid forms on the official website link below. Tender your financial aid application form with your admissions application.

Note: You cannot apply for a scholarship after you have been admitted.

You will need to submit a letter stating why you need a scholarship. Families will also be expected to submit bank statements, pay slips and any other relevant documentation. The more information you can include to substantiate your inability to pay the full fees, the easier it will be to process your application.

Most students who receive scholarships typically achieve A’s and B’s on their transcripts and national exam results.

The decision to make an offer of admission is done independently of scholarship applications and decisions. The Admissions Office first determines which applicants are most eligible to attend Ashesi. A Scholarship Committee then makes an independent decision regarding scholarship awards.

Contact the scholarship provider here for more information on how to apply.

Application Deadline

For the Early Admissions, the application deadline date is 31st March 2016

For the Regular Admissions, the application deadline date is 30th June 2016

For the Late Admissions, the application deadline is 25th August 2016




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