2015 KAAD Scholarship Program for Students from developing Countries

KAAD2015 KAAD Scholarships for developing countries is now open for application. The scholarship targets students from developing countries like Africa, Asia, Near and Middle East (including North Africa) and Latin America) [Focus Countries Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon and Nigeria (Africa), Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and China (Asia), Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel and Syria (the Middle East) or Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil (Latin America)].

About scholarship

Every year, KAAD awards lots of scholarships to students from developing countries to pursue their study in Germany. This year, lots of scholarships will be given to students to pursue master’s degree, PhD or for a postdoctoral research project (2-6 months for established university lecturers) at a German.


  • Applicant must come from a developing or emerging country in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America and are currently living there.
  • He/she must have a university degree and professional experience from your home country.
  • Want to acquire a master’s degree or a PhD at a German university or do a post-doctoral research project (2-6 months for established university lecturers) at a German university.
  • Must be a Catholic Christian (or general belong to a Christian denomination). Candidates from other religions can apply if they are proposed by Catholic partners and can prove their commitment to interreligious dialogue.
  • Must possess German language skills before starting the studies (KAAD can provide a language course of max. 6 months in Germany).

Fields of study

There is no specific field, but note that the scholarship committee will give preference to courses and subjects that they felt to be of significance for the home country of the applicant.


How to apply

Applicant will need to first fill the application questionnaire  and send it to the KAAD office. Normally documents are submitted to the committee of the applicant’s home country. In the course of the application process, more documents need to be provided by the applicant and the KAAD-Partner-Committees are involved. If the pre-selection process has been positive for the applicant, the application is passed on to an independent selection board, which sits twice per year (in March and in September). Please contact the scholarship provider here for more information on how to apply.

Application deadline

Scholarship applications for the September selection need to be completed by end of June. Many times, applicants get admission letters (especially for Master-courses) only when these deadlines have passed.



For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email enquiries@study-domain.com or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476

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