10 Tips On How To Survive a Long Haul Flight

How to survive a long haul flightThe amount of time spent on air for someone travelling from New York  to China for example, is about 14 hours. That’s fourteen hours spent listening to the enduring roar of the airplane’s engine. The trouble of long- distance travel can range in severity from mild inconvenience to downright dangerous effect of long-distance travel. To make a long flight infinitely more bearable, here are some tips that could help:

  1. Get a neck pillow

A neck travel pillow is one of the most useful accessories that you should have when travelling. There is nothing more frustrating than travelling several hours for business or pleasure and arriving with a sore neck or stiff back. Hence, to avoid those discomforting situations, get a neck pillow. You could choose to bring one along or request for it.

  1. Take Your Own headphones

Having ear headphones on, for 14 hours could be bad for eardrums. But if you have a pair of over- the –ear- headphones, then it’s problem solved. Noise- cancelling head phones and in-ear headphones are great if you have them, and can block out engine noise.

  1. Wear loose pants

Wearing loose pants would not only prevent you from having to use the bathroom, it’ll make waiting in that annoying long line much easier.

  1. Wear a sweatshirt

The temperature in the plane changes every half hour, and when it changes, you should change too. So get a sweatshirt to feel comfortable. If you get warm, you can always take it off, but if you didn’t bring one to begin with and you get cold, you’ll be depending on those thin blue blankets that are provided on the plane, which are made mostly of mesh therefore defeating their purpose of keeping the heat in.

  1. Take Something to Entertain Yourself

The movies usually don’t usually start for some time, and the built-in music/ movie selection can be quite poor, so take an iPod, iPhone, iPad, D.S or CD player. The night before you travel, try to download some of the latest songs or movies that you would enjoy. You could also take a new book that you would like. 

  1. Prepare for Jet Lag

There are several things you can do before your flight to help you avoid or mitigate jet lag.  Some days before your flight adjust your sleeping patterns, book your flight so it arrives during the day, and make the most of your stopovers. 

  1. Get up and walk around

Move around and get that blood flowing. Sitting in one position for 14 hours can be dangerous, as you’re at a heightened risk for deep vein thrombosis, which is a known risk of longer flights. Some airlines provide guidance on in-seat exercises you can do (such as circling ankles and stretching arms). There is usually a room to do some back stretches at the back of some of the cabins. 

  1. Get enough Rest before Travelling

Do not count on a long- haul flight as a good place to catch up on sleep-it’s not. You might be on the plane long enough to catch a few winks .So ensure you get enough rest few days before you travel. 

  1. Consider Bringing your own Snacks/Meals

Go with snacks. If you’re only offered food every 5 hours and/or you don’t like it, you’ll be glad you brought your favourite snacks along (protein bars are particularly helpful). 

  1. Take the Necessary

Take a toothbrush, lip balm and anything else that you need to help freshen up before meeting you loved ones at the end of your long flight, or to make yourself feel better as you land.


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