10 Technology Skills That Will Help You Land Better Jobs


computerToday’s job market is increasingly competitive. If you are currently studying, you still have some time to figure out what you want to do after graduation. However, you should do a little bit of research and see what jobs and skills are in demand. We live in a highly technologized era, so there is no doubt you will be required to poses some technical abilities. To make things easier for you, we listed top ten technical skills that will help you land better jobs.

1.      Microsoft Word

You might already considergetting a job while you are still studying. This is a great idea to get some experience before you become a full-time employee. Now the problem is what will recommend you for this first job. If all you have done before is study, study, study and no practical experience, it might be a little difficult to draw employer’s attention. There is, however,a basic technical skill you probably already possess and weren’t aware of: using Microsoft Word.

This popularapplication allows you to write, edit and customize your content. It is not enough to know what you need to write about. Where you do the writing also matters. Being familiar with Word’s features is a great plus. If you get a job that requires draftingwork related documentation such as reports or product descriptions, you’ll see how important it is to know some extra Word functionalities like:

  • inserting a hyperlink or a comment
  • editing the header and footer
  • working with charts and screenshots

2.      PowerPoint for Your Presentations

You probably already had the chance to work in power point for one of your school projects. If not, we strongly recommend you to give it a try for your next assessment. If you want to learn how to use PowerPoint effectively, you need plenty of practice, but it’s worthwhile. Most companies deliver in-house presentations and training using this tool. PowerPoint presentations hep you deliver content in an interactive way. People tend to be more responsive to visual effects than toplain talk.

A strong support material will combine the right amount of written content with photos videos and graphics that appeal more to the audience. Knowing how to insert these aids in a PowerPointis a useful skill for your future job.

3.      Excel

We can’t talk about the Microsoft Office package without mentioning Excel. No matter what job you seek, you will need to use this spreadsheet at a certain point. Microsoft Excel is a complex application. If you didn’t have the chance to work with this tool, the first thing you should know is that Excel performs multiple functions which are not limited to its calculation features.

Yes, knowing formulas will help you work with numbers easier. Bur there are also multiple graphics and pivots you can consolidate with any kind of data. Excel also allows you to configure macros which will ease your daily operations.  Summing up, try to find out more about these essentialExcelfeatures before any interview:

  • formulas
  • pivots
  • macros

We must also highlight that many employers expect fresh graduates to demonstrate proficiency in this tool. Therefore, you might be required to sit a practical test prior to your interview.

4.      Google Docs

Google Docs is another common technical skill employers might require. This isa popular online word processor that helps you create, edit documents, and most importantly, share them with others. Google Docs is accessible and user-friendly. Its core advantages make it popular among small business and corporate companies alike. Google Docsallowyou to store plenty information online.You can grant access to this data to multiple users who can contribute or modify your input. There are several types of files you can upload:

  • Word documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Drawings
  • PPTs
  • Web forms

5.      SEO Marketing

Basic SEO skills are not limited to marketing positions. If you will enroll in a startup where everyone contributes to the company’s growth, some SEO knowledge is a huge advantage. These skills will help you participate in content marketing strategy processes. SEO enables businesses to optimize the content they post online.  No one expects you to be anSEO specialist if you are not studying marketing. However, there are some primary SEO principles every job aspirant can learn on its own:

  • using keyword
  • interlinking
  • meta description
  • image tags

6.      Social Media Knowledge

If you are the type of person who likes to be informed and stay connected, you surely have social media accounts. The same goes for every business on the market. Having a constant presence on social platforms is no longer an option, but an obligation. Most companies use sites like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram to generate more customers and increase their revenue. Even if you won’t be the one who is handling the social communication tasks, it is still useful to prove background on this topic.

If you know how to use social channels for your own interests, you have the basic knowledge to do the same for your employer. Creating a hashtag or a Facebook event might not be a new thing for you. Let your future employer know your experience in social communication and online communities.

7.      Technical Writing Skills

Studenthood has definitely helped you acquire writing skills. You will use this ability in your employee life as well. If you have experience in writing academic papers, you might be qualified to create technical documentation as well. In case you delivered technical writing projects at the university, add this mention to your curriculum. It will draw headhunter’s attention. Every company needs qualified people who can put on paper procedures and technical instructions. Knowing how to become operative is one thing, but writing about it also helps others acquire this knowledge.

Moreover, it is highly recommendable to point out in your resume any publication experience you have. If you published on WordPress or have a personal blog, give more details.  Managers like to know more about your creative abilities as well.

8.      SAP

SAP is a major database information system used in a variety of fields. It is one of the most common tools used by financial companies. SAP’s complex features allow it to sustain day to day work processes for almost any type of business that involves large amounts of information. Here are some domains where SAP knowledge is a strong plus:

  • accounting
  • material management
  • customer service
  • production planning
  • payroll
  • business planning

It is understandable if you didn’t get the chance to work with this tool yet. Luckily there are plenty of resources online. Enroll for a basic SAP online course that will also provide you with a certificate. It will show recruiters that you already picture yourself working in a company.

9.      Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a popular application used by most companies which handlelarge amounts of written content. This tool allows you to view, edit, convert and print documents in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is easily accessible, and you might have already used it for some of your school projects. This is a very user-friendly tool that helps you manipulate your written content in a variety of ways.

If you target a job that entitles customer care, you’ll probably use Adobe daily to send out documents. Start learning this toolahead, it won’t take too long. One last tip, learn how to encrypt files. Nowadays this is mandatory due to data privacy policies.

10. Basic HTML Skills

HTML is one of the most sought for ‘foreign languages.’ HTML enables you to create web pages. Yes, it’s that rocket science thing that implies coding. But don’t rush to judge. HTML can be apprehensible if you are patient and willing to learn. There are hundreds of beginner courses and tutorials online. If you already have a passion for web design, get more insight on this subject. Learn as much as you can in class or independently. HTML knowledge can help you get a safe and well-paid job even if you are mere entry level.

Hopefully, you are already familiar with some of the applications we discussed in this article. If you are an absolute beginner, don’t worry, there is time to learn and gain experience. Think about your desired job and start strengthening your technical skills according to the specific requirements of this field.

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