10 Free Websites to Practice Speaking English


We invite you to know a series of sites where you can practice your English by talking with others, online and free

Improve your performance in English for free , it is simple with these websites that allow you to chat with people who studied the language  or speak it as their first language. For you sumes to virtual communities language exchange, we present the top 10 places where you can get double benefit: practice English and make friends .


1.  Speaky

This place to practice English through video chats , matches the speakers according to the interests they have in common through an algorithm designed to establish connections. It provides exchange tools that can be used from the computer or even with the mobile if the Android application is downloaded.

2.  Easy Language Exchange

This popular site provides the necessary tools to learn English in a simple and easy way. You will practice reading, writing and speaking with people from all over the world, both language students and teachers recommended by the site itself.

3.  Coeffee

Practice in this community English language exchange while you access networked games to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation . Evaluate yourself by sharing your results and scores with different virtual friends.

4.  CoffeeStrap

It has a software that gives tools to measure your progress in learning the language . It also offers you a conversation partner who shares your own. You can exchange opinions with him through text messages, video or audio.

5. LingoGlobe

In addition to providing the ability to chat, LingoGLobe access learning materials of language and linguistic aspects discuss in a forum. You only need to create an account on the site to join this exchange community, using your email and password.

6.  My EnglishTeacher

It is a chat room that planet topics for discussion via Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp or Skype. In addition, it is possible to access the “live” format, which allows us to listen to the voice of our discussion partner and see his image on video.

7.  Busuu

Your mobile application allows improving reading comprehension and written and oral skills . The available content was selected by a team of teachers and educators. It is in Google play and offers a children’s version, which features a 150-word course divided into 30 meticulously structured units.

8.  Language Exchange Project

It offers two areas: Language Exchange or Language Practice. In the first of her, a proposed collaboration between two language learners : you learn English conversation with a native and he will gain knowledge of Spanish at the same time. It is a system of cooperation. The second area suggests bringing together more than two interested in the same language to help each other in the process.

9.  Linguaholic

Forum offers two modes: one general and one specific to exchange tips and linguistic aspects of language teaching and discuss applications for these purposes and find exchange partners who are in the same situation.

10. HowDoYou.Do

It allows to converse in writing, video or simply, listening to the voice of the person with whom we initiate the talk. It is simple to use and is accessed via email, Facebook or Google + account. Generally, more than 10 people are connected simultaneously to the same chat room, therefore, the possibilities of learning are ample.

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